"Animated Drawings: Bring Your Doodles to Life with AI" - A Tool from Meta AI

"Animated Drawings: Bring Your Doodles to Life with AI" - A Tool from Meta AI

Have you ever wondered what your doodles would look like if they came to life? Well, now you can find out with Animated Drawings, a new tool from Meta AI that can turn your sketches into animations using artificial intelligence.

Animated Drawings is a web-based application that lets you upload your own drawings of human-like figures or choose from some demo figures and then select from various preset animations such as dance, funny, jumping, and walking. The tool uses advanced AI techniques to capture, rig, deform, and animate your drawings in seconds.

You can try it out for yourself here: https://sketch.metademolab.com/

Here are some tips to get the best results from Animated Drawings:

  • Make sure your drawing is clear and simple. Avoid using too many colors, details, or background elements that might confuse the tool.

  • Draw your figure with two arms, two legs, a head, and a torso. The tool works best with human-like characters that have these body parts.

  • Adjust the capture box to fit snugly around your drawing. Make sure to use the pen and eraser tools to select regions that were missed during auto masking or remove unwanted areas before animating. This will make your animation look even better.

  • Experiment with different animations.

  • Remember to have fun. It’s free, after all.

Since I am horrible at drawing, I thought, "Why not get DALL-E to draw me something and use AI to animate my AI-created drawing." Here is the photo I decided to use:

I used the prompt: "Children style drawing, white background, goose spreading wings."

And here is the end result using the "waving hello" animation.

Meta AI has open-sourced the project and encourages developers to create new, immersive experiences with drawing-to-animation. You can learn more about the project and access the code and data here: https://github.com/facebookresearch/AnimatedDrawings

I think Animated Drawings is an excellent example of how AI can inspire creativity and joy. What do you think? Have you tried it out? Feel free to share your creations in the comment below.